Awesome ABBA group,highly recommended.

Really get the crowd going,not to be missed!


Davey Nicholls - Facebook

An amazing act
Saw them while I was on holiday and it was a brilliant night! I can't recommend them enough.
The night flew by, I couldn't stop singing along and dancing the night away.
Hope I see them again soon!
Chantelle Tevenan - Facebook
I saw Kiss the Teacher at a 70s weekend and thought they were wonderful, they sang all my favorite abba songs and
they were a hightlight of my weekend.
Caroline M -

Tickets £20.00


Disco & Support act

Friday 22nd May 2020

NE6 SUITE (Newcastle)

Doors 7:00pm

Saturday 23rd May 2020

Grove and Moorside social club


Doors 7:00pm